About us

Our values

Lemory = Less is more. We believe that less is more. It is not only about our brand it's our way of thinking that formulates itself in our work and products.

We make things we consider timeless and simple without overwhelming details and frills. While developing our products we follow three criteria: longevity, practicality and design.

We feel that things we take to our hands many times a day deserve high-quality and should bring us joy every time we touch them. Therefore, we make products you can fully attach to.


One solid case makes up for tens of low-quality. We believe that with the right choice of materials and suppliers we can offer products that will last long and have a lower impact on our environment.

All our leather cases are manufactured in the Czech Republic - close to Hradec Králové. We import leather from Italy. Plastic sheets come from Shenzhen from the verified supplier with good working conditions for his employees.

For our products we use recycled packages that can be recycled or used again.

"We try to minimize the environmental impacts of our business and make products that do not have to be replaced by
new ones for a long time."

– Vit, Co-founder

Distribution chain

We decided to sell our products primarily via our own channels. This way we can provide high quality for a fair price. And more importantly we are always in contact with you - our customers. That moves us forward!

Our story

“I met Vitek at university and from the very beginning of our friendship we shared our business ideas but could not afford product development. At first, we tried to start a gift-delivery service business but it did not live up to our expectations. Later on we met Michal who liked our enthusiasm about Apple's products as well as our way of thinking about business. He invested in our project Lemory and we started off in summer 2018.

From that time we have sold more than 10.000 products and we do our best to improve, innovate and come up with novelty products. We still work to be able to deliver the maximum quality for a fair price even at high volume orders and keep the enthusiasm and joy. We sincerely appreciate each and every one that supports our entrepreneurial journey.”

- Jakub, co-founder