Material & recycling

Lemory recyklace

Hard polycarbonate (PC) is used to make e.g. military glasses with ballistic resistance. And it is also used for the back covers of the Lemory CLEAR and PROTECT cases. If your iPhone falls on it, the phone doesn’t slip out of the case.

Elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) usually protects wires and cables. And also the back sides of our cases. If you drop your iPhone, the elasticity of the material absorbs the shocks and impacts.

Both types of plastic are characterized by their colour-fastness and shape stability so in comparison with common silicone cases the Lemory CLEAR and PROTECT keep their transparency and original shape.


We use two types of cowhide leather for the Lemory cases’ production. The first one is the tanned very durable cowhide leather which gains its unique patina through the time. Our colour series are produced from the second type - so called chrome tanned leather. It is characterised by its colour-fastness and water-resistancy so despite the time and water it changes colour only slightly. Nevertheless, it gets a soft unique patina, too.

Lemory recyklace


Large plates of cowhide leather reach the furniture producer as a byproduct of the meat processing. He supplies us with the cutoffs from which we make our cases.

Leftovers from our production and also your old cases find their next use, as well. We deliver both to the Czech company producing boxing sacks with the leather filling. Plastic parts of the cases are recycled. You just need to send them back to us.

Plastic sheets are made in China - in companies with provably fair conditions, good salaries and with no child labour. Reliability of our suppliers are confirmed by the independent audits.

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